"Amid the mountain greenery, nature paints a splendid scenery"



1. Are Cheechako Cabins located in the Mountains?

Yes we are. The road leading to Cheechako Cabins also provides access to Mount Baldy and Coliseum Mountain, popular hiking destinations. There are also numerous lookouts, points of interest and trail access further down the David Thompson Highway (HWY 11)

2. Do the cabins have hot tubs?

No, the high cost of maintenance as well as the disturbing number of people who have recently contracted everything from skin infections, Hepatitis A, B, and C, Staph infections, etc. after using hot tubs (including hot tubs at upscale resorts) scared us away from ever having one.

3. Do we take pets?

Dogs only are welcome, but we do charge a fee for each dog you bring.

4. Is fire wood supplied?

Yes, each cabin has a supply of firewood, kindling and matches as well as easy access to woodpiles outside should you need more fuel for the wood burning stoves or fire pit.

5. Are the cabins log construction?

No. In keeping with the history of Nordegg we chose to model our cabins after the small, frame houses that the miners once lived in with their families during the town’s coal-mining years.

6. Can you go ATV’ing from the property?

Absolutely! There are tons of trails in the area. But, be warned, registration, plates and insurance (Alberta only) are required. Out of province guests only need proof of insurance for their ATV’s.

7. What is there to do in Nordegg?

If you like the outdoors, there are lots of things to do. Hiking, quadding, fishing, hunting, wildlife and bird watching, horse back riding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, Historic Nordegg tours, golfing and helicopter tours are all just minutes from Cheechako Cabins. We are also only a 90 minute drive to the Columbia Icefields or Lake Louise as well as being only 3 hours from Banff or Jasper. However, if you are looking for night life and shopping, you don’t want to come here. Our shopping consists of a gas station and the only night life is the lounge at the hotel in Nordegg.

For more information on the Nordegg area please visit www.travelnordegg.com.

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